Working’ It With Diana Eisley

Working’ It With Diana Eisley

Working' It With Diana Eisley

It’s workout day with curvy and busty girl-next-door Diana Eisley. You won’t see this kind of fitness training at your local gym. The view is spectacular!

Voluptuous Diana has all the right moves. She’s flexible, energetic, supple and limber.

“Physically, I’m pretty flexible, thanks to my ballet past,” Diana said. “I also did gymnastics. I had actually quit for a year to concentrate on school, then I came back after a year and I had boobs. I had to wear a very tight sports bra.

“It was a tough adjustment ’cause boobs are weight added to your chest so it can affect your back. And I’m a very small girl. I’m five-two. I thank my genes for that.”

Consider yourself fortunate that Diana is so generous.

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