Reading Or Riding? Porsche Must Choose

Reading Or Riding? Porsche Must Choose

Reading Or Riding? Porsche Must Choose

Brains and boobs. You love ’em. Studious Porsche Dali is reading a book when JMac comes over to her and snatches the book right out of her hands and the eyeglasses right off her face. She shouldn’t be reading those damned dirty books anyway! Porsche does look good in glasses.

“Hey! I was reading that! Give it back,” Porsche demands. JMac is not budging. Why should she read when she can get fucked? Of course, Porsche could read as he’s boning her but that would get awkward.

“You can have your book back after you suck my dick,” JMac says, willing to negotiate. He comes behind Porsche and sinks his fingers into her gigantic, soft hangers. He’s intrigued by her pierced nipples and all the breast stimulation makes Porsche forget about her reading material.

Porsche sits on the couch, her tits out of her top and comes face-to-cock with JMac’s boner, his pants at his ankles. Porsche opens her mouth and worships away. She really loves that cock and gives him a sloppy, gooey BJ. Her cock sucking lips do a hot number, and then she squeezes her tits together so he can shoehorn his woodie inside her cleavage.

JMac courteously finds a place on the couch for Porsche to sit and that place is right on his pole. Porsche’s pussy is filled to the brim and she bounces and grinds to her heart’s content.

JMac’s balls explode over Porsche’s thick pillows. That girl has made a mess again. JMac sticks his cum-covered dick into her mouth so she can clean him off with her tongue. “This is better than reading,” Porsche says.

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